In 2018, I decided to launch a graphic design business. I had no prior experience, other than opening and running an Etsy shop the year before, but I had a huge dream in my heart and a fierce resolve. As I took on the task of getting up a website for my design business, I felt lost, confused and overwhelmed.  I posted something in a mompreneuer’s group on social media and Cousett quickly reached out to me. She not only set up my website for me and worked with my finances (I had almost nothing), but she taught me how develop my own site, and started at the level I was at (which was ZERO!). She explained everything, and never made me feel bad because I didn’t know something. At the time, I had two kiddos and was trying to support our family with my income. It was a very hectic time of life. As I learned more and more, I started getting web design clients, and my graphic design business quickly expanded to include web design and development. I started getting referrals and calls from people who found me on Google, and I began to be able to charge more for my services. I ended up closing down my Etsy shop because I could not keep up with the demand. Since 2018, my freelancing business has grown to focus on designing and developing WordPress size for small to mid-size companies, and even a couple of international clients as well! I am able to help support my family with my business, and that brings so much joy, in addition to doing what I love. I still reach out to Cousett when I get in a rut and she nearly always has an idea or way to solve the issue. She has the experience and expertise in WordPress, and is a natural teacher. Her course is worth it’s weight in gold, and it will help you learn the nuts and bolts of WordPress even if you are starting from zero like I did. I am very thankful for Cousett and would not be where I am today without her knowledge and skill.