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I appreciate all the testimonials. Working with mompreneurs is my jam! I love seeing all the wonderful things we are accomplishing in this world while we raise our kiddos! Share your success story below or visit me on Facebook or Google My Business for more reviews.


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Kind Words From My Lovely Clients

Vivien’s Creativity Lab (Vivien Art & Design)

Cousett is just amazing. So professional and helpful. She knows exactly what you need to design a fabulous website or blog and made everything so clear with a plan which was so simple to follow! She had my site up and running in no time, and was so organized with her plan and vision for it. She sorted out all the issues to improve the site and was a joy to work with! I’ll miss our video calls as she is so knowledgeable and kind!

Mama Shark

The value of Cousett’s services cannot be overstated- her experience and expertise have exceeded my expectations and improved my business at every turn. Highly recommend!

Firefly Graphic Design

In 2018, I decided to launch a graphic design business. I had no prior experience, other than opening and running an Etsy shop the year before, but I had a huge dream in my heart and a fierce resolve. As I took on the task of getting up a website for my design business, I felt lost, confused and overwhelmed.  I posted something in a mompreneuer’s group on social media and Cousett quickly reached out to me. She not only set up my website for me and worked with my finances (I had almost nothing), but she taught me how develop my own site, and started at the level I was at (which was ZERO!). She explained everything, and never made me feel bad because I didn’t know something. At the time, I had two kiddos and was trying to support our family with my income. It was a very hectic time of life. As I learned more and more, I started getting web design clients, and my graphic design business quickly expanded to include web design and development. I started getting referrals and calls from people who found me on Google, and I began to be able to charge more for my services. I ended up closing down my Etsy shop because I could not keep up with the demand. Since 2018, my freelancing business has grown to focus on designing and developing WordPress size for small to mid-size companies, and even a couple of international clients as well! I am able to help support my family with my business, and that brings so much joy, in addition to doing what I love. I still reach out to Cousett when I get in a rut and she nearly always has an idea or way to solve the issue. She has the experience and expertise in WordPress, and is a natural teacher. Her course is worth it’s weight in gold, and it will help you learn the nuts and bolts of WordPress even if you are starting from zero like I did. I am very thankful for Cousett and would not be where I am today without her knowledge and skill.

StoryPix: Oahu Photographer

Cousett was (IS) a lifesaver. I had literally hung up my camera and dreaded leaving my profession because I wasn’t able to afford “being in business” and not being found on google. It was a double edged sword. I couldn’t afford to BE in business and yet, when Covid hit, I knew I had to return like a boss and get started with someone who really knows their stuff to make CERTAIN that I would be and will be found in google searches in my area and with a site that would knock the socks off my competition AND function well on google! She did this and more! My site is just a few weeks old and I am ranking #3 already for my key words, I am STUNNED!!!! I am so happy and thrilled to be ahead of my competition and google loves my site!!! Mission accomplished and Cousett made the process not only painless but seamless. 100 5 stars! She really is ‘THE” TechieMamma!!!


I met with Cousett because I have been trying to create a web site for my business and I’ve been working on it for 4 months with little progress. We discussed my needs and the tools I have used so far and she helped me to realize that Word Press and Wix were designed for people who don’t code. I have experience in programming (in Cobol and other languages) and coding in HTML (and other languages) Cousett pointed out to me that I need the flexibility that coding allows. She was very professional and pleasant to work with and “knows her stuff”. 

Growing Our Family Podcast

Cousett is a literal genius when it comes to website design and troubleshooting! She was able to help me create multiple categories for my blog section so readers can easily select what topic they are interested in and read just those related posts! While she was there, she also made recommendations to optimize my site, so it would load faster! AND she was able to help me understand what a PHP is and how to update mine! I can manage the writing portion, but all the website stuff is like a foreign language, and Cousett does an incredible job of helping out with every issue I have encountered! I would recommend her to anyone and everyone! 

Full On Happiness

Cousett was so fantastic to work with! She helped me get back into my WordPress site after receiving the dreaded “http error 500” among many other plugin glitches and outdated themes that needed help. She was incredibly responsive, thorough, and even made me a simple tutorial video so I could see things for myself. I would definitely recommend Cousett to anyone who needs support with any/all things WordPress! gina-martini

Yes We Live Like This

If you’ve ever seen a mouse scurrying in a maze of chaos and getting no where fast, then you basically have a picture of me when I first met with Cousett! As a complete newbie blogger, I was beyond technically challenged and severely frustrated. Then I was introduced to Cousett. I was wary at first, having heard of many “services” out there which could take you for a ride, but what I found with Cousett was nothing less than honest and genuine. It was so cool to have a video conference with her. She was at a coffee shop while I had my coffee at my kitchen table. It was like meeting with a friend willing to help. Cousett was not pressed for time or patience while teaching me at the basics. Knowing that there is a way out of the maze and the reward of your own creation at the end is an awesome feeling. It’s exciting to know that with Cousett’s extensive knowledge on coding and “techie” stuff, the possibilities are endless! kerry-walls-brasher

Blogging About Momming

Cousett is an absolutely amazing asset. As a fellow mom, I know how hard it is to balance work and parenting, but Cousett makes it look easy. She is responsive to questions, knowledgeable, and fantastic to work with. If you are looking for help with your blog, make sure to contact Techie Mamma (Cousett) for assistance. I highly recommend! (And I love her shop – make sure to check that out, too, for all entrepreneurs/mompreneurs). kristine-beaves

Green Desk Virtual Assistance

Cousett is fantastic. I’ve had really clear and easy to understand instructions on how to do things, and support and advice whenever I’ve needed it. Would recommend to anyone. Rachel O’Reilly

Gill Hill Writing Services

Techie Mamma helped me speed up my website, and navigate a part of my business that I generally find confusing and time consuming, all for a reasonable price. Gill Hill

Ronni Hill

Working with Techie Mamma was the solution I needed! Cousett was quick to respond to my needs and had solutions ready to go for our website issues. I’m so thankful for her expertise and speediness to fixing the issues that we just could not figure out. I’m thankful to have found her!

Tales of a Messy Mom

Techie Mama did such an amazing job on my website redesign! She was very well organized, super easy to work with, and detail oriented. She was also extremely patient with my decisions and nit picky changes. I’d definitely hire her again. All in all, I got the awesome site I was envisioning, and I couldn’t be more happy.  Nicolle Brokaw

Firefly Graphic Design

Techie Mamma was absolutely amazing to work with. From the get-go, she was responsive, super creative and able to take my {unformed} ideas and give them life and a vision! She created an amazing site and has so much experience and understanding of building websites in general. She offered really great suggestions but listened to what I wanted and even took the time to explain things through. What I have enjoyed most about Cousett is her genuine heart to help out other mompreneurs and small business owners. She is a real find and you won’t be sorry you trusted your website development to her. Nancy Lane Santillan

Almost Grown Play Cafe

Techie Mamma was wonderful to work with and we LOVE our new site! She was always quick to respond and patient with my lack of knowledge when it came to website design. Which I was super appreciative of. She not only knows what she’s doing but she was as invested in making sure the site turned out great as we were! If you need a website, built or revamped, I definitely recommend Techie Mamma! Nicole Cullen

The Scrunchy Mama

Techie Mama was an absolute Godsend for me. I was struggling to transfer my old site to new platform and domain name, and wasted nearly a year because people said they would help and didn’t. The minute she found out the trouble I was having, she offered her services. She walked through the process with me as she did it and the transfer went beautifully! Now I have everything in place so I can do what I do best – design and make it my own. I can’t recommend her enough!!!! Erin Crites

Well For Heaven’s Sake

I’m a new blogger and was struggling to get my website set up the way I wanted it. I was spending all of my time on technical issues and none on creating content. One meeting with Cousett and she had my site looking exactly the way I wanted it! She understood what I wanted and made it happen. I highly recommend her to solve your techie issues and help you create a beautiful and professional looking website!! Cara Rowland Grant

The Natural Beauty Mama

Techie mamma was so helpful to me because I am very tech challenged. she went in my site and looked at my issues and sent me a great plan to move forward with it, as well as helped some issue right then and there. thanks! Debbie Ferrie

Diabetes Heart Lifestyle

Cousett is very professional and has an excellent process for moving from your vision to the finish line for your project! She did a tremendous job on my website and was great to work with. April Caudill

Chronically Caffeinated Mom

Cousett is very professional, friendly and detail oriented. She is super knowledgeable and has an eye for colors and design! I left a lot of my website redesign up to her because I just trusted in her skills and creative-eye to make my website really come to life! I’m so glad that all of her packages include her help with small tasks each month as well, so I don’t feel like she just unloaded me and kicked me off the ship at the end! She’s my new go-to for all things tech and she’s really been a great asset to my blog! Ashley Lavoie

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