Squarespace to WordPress Migration – $299

WordPress Services for your business

You Have Squarespace

So you’ve mastered blogging via Squarespace and now you want to move your blog over to a self-hosted WordPress account. This can be pretty challenging if you don’t know the proper steps to take to prepare your migration. Several things need to be done on Squarespace to prepare the content to be moved. And several things need to be done to your new WordPress installation to prepare to receive the new Squarespace content.

Depending on how long you’ve been blogging, the number of blogs you have and also the number of images (both internal and external), you may have a problem getting all of the information to migrate properly. And, you may lose SEO if you haven’t properly accounted for managing blogs that are already out in the search engines. If that happens, you may need a combination of plugins installed a head of time to ensure that what you see on the Squarespace account is what you will see on your new WordPress website – and that the links in the search engines point to their respective posts on the new site.

Make The Leap

If you are ready to make the leap from Squarespace to WordPress, and aren’t quite sure if you can perform this task by yourself, then let me help. I have done quite a number of these and can map out a plan and get your site moved over without trouble.

Small Print

  • No refunds on services rendered electronically or digitally.
  • Starting at $299 full scope will be determined after initial discussion.