One in the Hole is a fundraiser run by the Kiwanis group of Georgetown to raise money for Georgetown ISD. They sell tickets and then at an annual festival called the Red Poppy Festival they drop hundreds of ping pong balls and a winner is called via the number that drops into holes similar to golf.

Original Site

Their original design was somewhat functional but did not capture the essence of the drop or the fun aspect of the event. The new redesign featured a large hero video showing the drop along with several pages about the event and an e-Commerce portion to handle the online sale of the tickets.

The redesign captures the fun aspect of the ball drop with a video of the balls dropping from the sky.

There is custom development that connects the e-Commerce portion with a ticket number for the raffle. It is also set up as a multisite where the main site (featured above) is just in general what One In the Hole is and then sub-sites are for each location and drop. Currently, the Red Poppy Festival in Georgetown is the main example.

Each sub-site on the multisite can be customized for a specific event.